Running your own small business is lonely. How many times have you wished you had a team of people working alongside you to talk to, ask for help, or hold you accountable? 

Or loved for someone to show you exactly what you need to do to price your products, work out a marketing strategy or write your website?

We've felt every frustration you're experiencing. And we've spoken to hundreds of other entrepreneurs who feel the same way. 

That's why we created the TLC Team - a resource hub, monthly coaching class and private online community that gives you all the support, expertise and accountability you need to grow your business - and never feel alone again.


  • Workbooks and exercises

    Every month you get access to workbooks and exercises (worth up to £49) to help you make concrete progress on your business goals.

  • Live masterclasses

    Every month you can join a live online class (worth £35) jam packed with practical advice. You also get a recording of the class to keep forever.

  • Private Facebook community

    Join a friendly Facebook community of entrepreneurs and freelancers. Ask questions, share the ups and downs of business and get support.

  • Weekly accountability

    Join our weekly acorn challenge and set and work towards goals to keep your business moving forward. Plus choose a group accountability partner.

  • Monthly clinic

    Join our live monthly video business clinic and get personal advice and encouragement on your business from business coach Hannah Martin.

  • Featured members

    Love to showcase what you do to our 90k readers and 70k social network? Every fortnight we choose a member to promote to our audience.


Keep your TLC Team resources and work all in one place with our brand new TLC Academy binder - sent to all new members.


Heading up the TLC Team is Hannah Martin, the founder of Talented Ladies Club. With over a decade of experience in running profitable businesses, and a clutch of advertising awards to her name, Hannah has a wealth of expertise to share. 

Hannah is also a popular trainer for companies like Mumsnet and Country Living, a business mentor for Natwest's Entrepreneur Accelerator, a campaigner for equality for women in the workplace and in business, and an experienced business coach. 

As host of TLC Team, Hannah will coach you in monthly live online classes, and has personally handpicked the workbooks and resources you'll work through. 

Hannah is also on hand inside the TLC Team Facebook community to answer your questions and offer her support and expertise to your business. Hannah is known for her infectious enthusiasm and generosity in supporting fellow entrepreneurs. 


  • 1
    Month 1
    • How to write your company mission and vision statements
    • How to design your perfect day
    • Monthly goal printable
    • Your Kickstart Promise
    • Record your monthly achievements
  • 2
    Month 2
    • The sticky goals workbook
    • Your daily power list
    • How to stop wasting time in your business
  • 3
    Month 3
    • The confidence workbook
    • Watch the Confidence Masterclass
    • The obstacles workbook
    • How to identify your values
  • 4
    Month 4
    • The failure workbook
    • The success vision workbook
  • 5
    Month 5
    • How to test your business idea
    • 30 market research questions
    • How to research your competition
  • 6
    Month 6
    • How to price your products and services
    • Watch the Pricing Masterclass
    • Discounting cheat sheet
  • 7
    Month 7
    • How to create your avatar
    • How to identify your target audience
    • Watch the Ideal Customer Masterclass
    • Download the ideal customer worksheet
  • 8
    Month 8
    • The beginnner's guide to copywriting
    • How to get your messaging right
    • 12 quick online copy tips
    • Watch our Sales Copy Masterclass
  • 9
    Month 9
    • Marketing plan template
    • The marketing workbook
    • Marketing plan guide
    • Watch the Marketing Masterclass
    • Copy our marketing strategy template
  • 10
    Month 10
    • How to identify your brand values
    • The brand guidelines template
    • How to find your tone of voice
    • How to find your real USP
  • 11
    Month 11
    • How to create your credit control strategy
    • How to handle people who don't pay
  • 12
    Month 12
    • Plan your social media strategy
    • Social media sharer sheet
    • Social media timetable
    • Social media audit checklist
  • 13
    Month 13
    • Guide to design: The core elements of design
    • Guide to design: How to design a logo
    • Guide to design: How to plan and design a website
    • Guide to design: How to choose the right online visuals
  • 14
    Month 14
    • Five ways you can overcome objections to sales
    • How to use the power of questions to sell online
    • How to find your first customer
  • 15
    Month 15
    • Video: An easy way to understand SEO
    • The SEO cheat sheet
    • The SEO copy checklist
  • 16
    Month 16
    • Create a blog for your business
    • How to write a blog
    • How to come up with blog ideas
    • The 15 secrets of writing a successful blog


Laura Harmsworth

I just want to say what a useful tool this is

Laura Harmsworth

I just want to say what a useful tool the "Your Monthly Achievements" is. I usually plod on day to day, not looking back at what I have actually achieved. Completing the sheet at the end of each month is a great reminder and makes me start the next month full of positivity and pride. Thank you!
Bonamy Gauvain Waddell

Your support gave me an inner confidence

Bonamy Gauvain Waddell

I truly believe that your support, and knowing that you’ve been ‘behind me’ this year, has given me a hidden inner confidence at certain times when I was feeling unsure about going it alone. Thank you!
Jaz Ampaw-Farr

The hour I spent with Hannah was the most resourceful

Jaz Ampaw-Farr

I have done B School with Marie Forleo, I’ve done loads of Simon Sinek training, Tony Robbins, I’ve done Ryan Deiss, I’ve done Rainmaker, Amy Porterfield and there has been usefulness in all of them. But the hour that I spent with Hannah has been the most resourceful hour that I have spent.
Jo Clifton

By far one of my best business decisions

Jo Clifton

Hannah's 'lives' in the group, and other one-to-one interactions and support have always been spot-on and backed up with such credibility, experience and humour! Worth every penny and by far one of my best business decisions.
Sally Gurney

The Facebook group is supportive and fun

Sally Gurney

Hannah has already given me the confidence boost I need to start to break through any blockers that are holding me back from starting my business. And the secret Facebook group is just as open and supportive plus it’s fun to be part of.
Sally Bunkham

A no-brainer investment

Sally Bunkham

Hannah is fantastic and always on hand to answer any type of issue we are going through, whether it's nuts and bolts business advice or more personal stuff like confidence or imposter syndrome issues. It's also amazing value for money and in my opinion a no brainer investment for any start up business. Highly recommended
Kate Hopkinson

I feel excited about the future

Kate Hopkinson

I found Hannah to be an extremely knowledgeable individual who knows how to build a successful business, and is happy to share her knowledge with others. She is enthusiastic, engaging, and a genuine individual who wants to help others on their journey. After speaking with Hannah, I feel excited about the future plans for my business.


  • How much is membership?

    You can join for £35 a month paid monthly, or £30 a month paid annually as a one-off payment of £360.

  • What's included in my membership?

    You get access to a private community on Facebook, a monthly live masterclass class with Hannah Martin, and monthly workbooks and exercises on our learning platform. You also get invited to a live monthly video clinic in which you can ask questions and get get help from Hannah Martin, can join our weekly acorns goal setting exercise, and apply to be our featured member of the fortnight, and promote your business to our 90k monthly readers and 70k social network. And finally we'll send you our beautiful A4 TLC Academy binder to keep your worksheets and resources safe.

  • Is TLC Team for new or established businesses?

    It’s for both. You’ll find the masterclasses, workbooks, clinic, promotion opportunities and community valuable whether you’re pre-launch or have been running your business for five years.

  • How do I watch the masterclasses?

    As a member of TLC Team you can watch each month's masterclass live as part of your membership. After the class we’ll send you a recording. This is yours to watch whenever you need, for as many times as you wish. We add each masterclass into our monthly resources within TLC Team. So even if you've missed a previous class that took place before you joined, you'll be able to watch it later as part of your membership.

  • What type of business is TLC Team for?

    TLC Team is designed to be valuable for any type of business – from designers, makers and bakers, to shops, cafés and businesses offering services such as accountancy. It covers all the fundamentals you need to master when you run a business, whatever your business does.

  • I’m a freelancer. Will it be helpful for me?

    Yes. Freelancers are, in effect, micro businesses. You need to do all the same things a ‘proper business’ does, including finding clients, pricing yourself correctly, identifying your USP, having a marketing plan, and using social media effectively. As a result, you’ll find the masterclasss, workbooks and exercises and the supportive community just as valuable as any business.

  • How do I become a featured member?

    Every fortnight we choose a member to feature, and promote to our 90,000 monthly readers and 70,000 social network. When you join TLC Team we'll send you a welcome email with details about how you can apply to be a featured member.

  • How do I join the monthly clinics?

    Every month, business coach and mentor Hannah Martin holds a live online clinic. You can join the clinic to listen to the advice she shares with other members, or ask your own question. You'll receive an email each month with details about how to join the clinic.


Business coaching and accountability works. It's as simple as that. And this is the easiest and most accessible entry into our coaching offerings you can get. 

From the day you join you'll have access to the first month's exercises - which teach you how to write your mission and vision statements, design the perfect day you're working to, and get you into the habit of setting yourself business goals. 

If you do the work you'll see incredible progress - all for just £35 a month (the cost of a coffee and a slice of cake a week). Plus you'll get access to a friendly, ambitious community who'll help solve your problems and cheer you on. 

AND, the cherry on this particular business cake is free access to our monthly coaching masterclasses (non-members pay £35 just to watch each individual class, without the rest of membership benefits). 

This really is the best £35 you can spend on your business.


TLC Team is designed to help small business owners - from early stage startups to established entrepreneurs - who’d love the support and back up of a team. 

It's perfect for every type of entrepreneur and business, including: 

  • Creatives – makers, designers, florists, bakers
  • Retailers – online and offline shops and cafes
  • Consultants – accountants, lawyers, HR consultants
  • Service providers – VAs, social media managers, bookkeepers, therapists, coaches, writers