Running your own small business is lonely. How many times have you wished you had a team of people working alongside you to talk to, ask for help, or hold you accountable? 

Or loved for someone to show you exactly what you need to do to price your products, work out a marketing strategy or write your website?

We've felt every frustration you're experiencing. And we've spoken to hundreds of other entrepreneurs who feel the same way. 

That's why we created the TLC Team - a resource hub, monthly coaching class and private online community that gives you all the support, expertise and accountability you need to grow your business - and never feel alone again.


  • Workbooks and exercises

    Every month you get access to workbooks and exercises (worth up to £49) to help you make concrete progress on your business goals.

  • Live masterclasses

    Every month you can join a live online class (worth £30) jam packed with practical advice. You also get a recording of the class to keep forever.

  • Private Facebook community

    Join a friendly Facebook community of entrepreneurs and freelancers. Ask questions, share the ups and downs of business and get support.

  • Monthly accountability

    Join our monthly challenge and set and work towards goals to keep your business moving forward. Plus choose a group accountability partner.


Heading up the TLC Team is Hannah Martin, the founder of Talented Ladies Club. With over a decade of experience in running profitable businesses, and a clutch of advertising awards to her name, Hannah has a wealth of expertise to share. 

Hannah is also a popular trainer for companies like Mumsnet and Country Living, a business mentor for Natwest's Entrepreneur Accelerator, a campaigner for equality for women in the workplace and in business, and an experienced business coach. 

As host of TLC Team, Hannah will coach you in monthly live online classes, and has personally handpicked the workbooks and resources you'll work through. 

Hannah is also on hand inside the TLC Team Facebook community to answer your questions and offer her support and expertise to your business. Hannah is known for her infectious enthusiasm and generosity in supporting fellow entrepreneurs. 


  • 1
    Month 1
    • How to write your company mission and vision statements
    • How to design your perfect day
    • Monthly goal printable
    • Your Kickstart Promise
    • Record your monthly achievements
  • 2
    Month 2
    • The sticky goals workbook
    • Your daily power list
    • How to stop wasting time in your business
  • 3
    Month 3
    • The confidence workbook
    • Watch the Confidence Masterclass
    • The obstacles workbook
    • How to identify your values
  • 4
    Month 4
    • The failure workbook
    • The success vision workbook
  • 5
    Month 5
    • How to test your business idea
    • 30 market research questions
    • How to research your competition
  • 6
    Month 6
    • How to price your products and services
    • Watch the Pricing Masterclass
    • Discounting cheat sheet
  • 7
    Month 7
    • How to create your avatar
    • How to identify your target audience
  • 8
    Month 8
    • The beginnner's guide to copywriting
    • How to get your messaging right
    • 12 quick online copy tips
  • 9
    Month 9
    • Marketing plan template
    • The marketing workbook
    • Marketing plan guide
  • 10
    Month 10
    • How to identify your brand values
    • The brand guidelines template
    • How to find your tone of voice
    • How to find your real USP
  • 11
    Month 11
    • How to create your credit control strategy
    • How to handle people who don't pay
  • 12
    Month 12
    • Plan your social media strategy
    • Social media sharer sheet
    • Social media timetable
    • Social media audit checklist
  • 13
    Month 13
    • Guide to design: The core elements of design
    • Guide to design: How to design a logo
    • Guide to design: How to plan and design a website
    • Guide to design: How to choose the right online visuals