Are you 100% happy with your LinkedIn profile? Or do you feel like this?

  • Are you panicking that your profile is out of date or not as professional as everyone else's?
  • Do you obsess over every tiny detail in your profile, worrying that one tiny error will trip you up?
  • Have you spent hours wading through LinkedIn blogs and tips - but are no clearer about how to get your profile right?
  • Are you so overwhelmed by how much there is to learn about LinkedIn that you've done nothing?

If so, you're in good company. When we surveyed our readers, most said they lacked confidence in their LinkedIn profile. 

You're right to worry about getting your profile right, too. In research, 87% of recruiters said they use LinkedIn to find and vet prospective employees. And 36% admitted they had declined to interview a candidate, or rejected an applicant after looking at their social media profile and posts. 

In fact, LinkedIn is so essential that recruiters and freelance clients consider it a red flag if you don't have a profile. 

But confidently writing a LinkedIn profile that employers, freelance clients and business contacts will love doesn't have to be difficult. With our help you can have a profile you're proud of in just a few hours. 


You don't need to struggle alone with LinkedIn. Our self-paced, online course takes you through each simple step of writing your profile, showing you exactly what to say in each section. 

We guide you through taking the perfect photo, finding your keywords, testing your headline, crafting the right summary and much more. So all you need to do is follow our steps. 

And when your profile is complete, we teach you how to network it, and ensure the right people find you. So no more paralysis through overwhelm. We make writing your profile easy - and even fun.  

Course curriculum

  • 1
    INTRO: Are you ready to fall in love with LinkedIn?
    • What will you learn on this course?
    • Progress checklist
    • A quick tip before you edit your profile
  • 2
    MODULE ONE: How to write your LinkedIn profile
    • How to edit your LinkedIn profile
    • The five golden rules of the perfect profile photo
    • Add your profile photo
    • How to find the right LinkedIn keywords for your profile
    • Find your LinkedIn keywords
    • How to write a LinkedIn headline that will get you found by the right people
    • Write your LinkedIn headline
    • How to write a killer LinkedIn summary
    • Write your LinkedIn Summary
    • How to write your experience section
    • How to tackle your career gap in your LinkedIn profile
    • How to use skills and endorsements to appeal to the right employers
    • Complete your skills section
    • How to get LinkedIn All-Star Status
    • Check your LinkedIn All-Star Status
    • How to hide your connections so only you can see them
    • 22 brilliant LinkedIn summaries to steal inspiration and ideas from
  • 3
    MODULE TWO: How to network on LinkedIn
    • 20 ways to make your LinkedIn profile unmissable
    • Promote your profile checklist
    • How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a PDF
    • How to check and change your privacy settings
    • How to create a bespoke URL
    • How to set up a job search on LinkedIn
  • 4
    • Some tips and tools to help you
    • A quick guide to writing brilliant status updates
    • 22 brilliant LinkedIn summaries to inspire you
    • LinkedIn summary builder



Love LinkedIn has given me confidence in myself and my abilities


his course was my "lightbulb moment"! I've been avoiding LinkedIn because I really did not want to look inept online. Love LinkedIn has given me confidence in myself and my abilities by guiding me through each stage of the profile step by step, explaining key aspects in a clear and concise manner. I'm now excited about LinkedIn and how it can be a fantastic tool for me.

I am much happier with my profile. I can navigate the site with ease


I am much happier with my profile. I can navigate the site with ease and have really increased the views that my profile is getting. I have also recommended ‘Love Linkedin’ to friends… I definitely would not have made such progress without Hannah’s help.

I feel confident to explore the wealth of features it provides for those in the know


Finally! Thanks to Talented Ladies Love LinkedIn course I have a LinkedIn profile I am proud of and feel confident to explore the wealth of features it provides for those in the know.


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